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Okay, we should be wrapping up boxing and shipping within the next few days so after that I’ll hopefully have more motivation to get on here and post/look at blogs/etc. and hopefully get back to drawing too. :D

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For the longest time I thought that was Colin’s hands on Patrick’s chest.


And with a bit of cropping we can keep the fantasy damnit!


I have actually studied the pics from this session enough and while the one hand on Pat’s chest is his own, the OTHER one is Colin’s. So both have one hand on his chest and the other up. Still, either way it’s lovely haha! 

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Appreciation post for the Eighth Doctor’s TARDIS and stupid beautiful face.

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characters that go from villain to weird family member give me strength





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Glad you posted that note about everything being okay even though you're making yourself scarce this week. I realized I'd been missing you on my dash and started to worry. :)

Oh yeah. Just busy and trying to relax when I can this week and I prefer to give tumblr some decent attention when I’m on it for the most part. Here and there I sometimes pop in, but yeah. Means a lot that you thought of me! :D 

Hopefully after all this business stuff (helping with my Gramma’s bf’s business and it’s a busy couple of weeks here) dies down a bit I should be back to usual tumbling haha! :D

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Some more Anne and Klove. <3 I’m so in love with Klove it’s ridiculous, but Pat does have that effect on me xD

Used some lyrics of “She is the Sunlight” by Trading Yesterday, because it’s very fitting for how Klove sees Anne. <33

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I’m not sure how much I’ll be on tumblr this week. Busy with lots of a chores and stuff to do. Just want to let everyone know all is okay! I’d let y’all know if anything was amiss! 

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my name is luna enriquez

Dear Lunchbag

this needs to always be on my dashboard

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me when given any kind of responsibility: I am to yong
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why do advertisers sexualize female m&ms

why do advertisers assign gender to m&ms

why do advertisers humanize food products

why is there a bear family who considers the highlight of their day to be wiping their asses